Natural Remedies To Cure Hair Fall Fast

Alopecia commonly referred to as hair loss/baldness from the head or body, mostly in the head, which is a big problem faced today by everyone in our daily lives. It affects kids, adults and older people all alike irrespective of our gender. Hair loss is mostly caused by genes, poor diet, hormones, puberty, menopause, pregnancy, lifestyle, iron deficiency, thyroid and low vitamin and protein levels, stress, hair styling products and procedures, aging etc. If treated early, it can prevent total hair loss (balding). There are many types of hair loss and treatment is available subject to the cause of the problem. Our head and hair are our crowning glory and make our own personal style statement. Hair loss can be very embarrassing and can lead to low self esteem as it affects our looks and personality.

The most common way to treat hair fall is medical treatment which is expensive and quick or natural tried and tested ways to curb hair fall which may or not work depending on many factors. Hairfall treatment is the only way to reduce/stop hair fall. As per slideshare, many different methods can be adopted in treating hair fall.

Listed below are the natural ways in preventing hair loss:-


The simplest and easiest way to enhance hair growth is regular oiling of the tresses. Oil (Olive, Coconut, Rosemary, Almond etc.) can be applied overnight and kept or an hour before your bath, which is equally effective on a regular basis. Frequency of oiling can be once or twice a week. Coconut oil works well in most cases. Medicinated or specially prepared oils can also be used e.g. Rosemary Oil as it reduces hair fall and treats baldness. The oil should be massaged in the scalp and hair with fingertips.


A regular and common item available in all households, onion juice is extremely effective in curing hair fall, reducing scalp infections and promoting hair growth.  Onion contains antibacterial properties. Onion juice is extracted by shredding/grinding the onions and then squeezing it to remove its juice. It can be applied on the scalp by using a cotton ball and should be washed by a mild shampoo after resting it for 20-25 minutes. A concoction made of Onion juice, olive oil and honey also works extremely well in preventing hair fall and makes the hair texture smooth and soft.


Aloe Vera is a natural conditioner which promotes hair growth.  It also helps in reducing the itchiness and dryness/flaking of the scalp. It removes dandruff and provides coolness to the scalp. Ready-made Aloe Vera gels can be used, but ideally fresh or home extracted gel is preferred as its fresh and without any added chemicals or fragrances. The gel should be ideally left for 40-45minutes and rinsed off with a mild shampoo and water. It can be applied 3 to 4 times a week.

  • AMLA

Amla also referred to as the Indian Gooseberry treats hair loss in an effective way. Amla is a major source of Vitamin C, which helps in strengthening the hair follicles and preventing hair loss. It also prevents hair graying and maintains a healthy scalp. Amla can be consumed orally or it can be used in powder form an applied physically to the scalp. Wearing a shower cap or covering with a plastic bag is ideal so that it doesn’t dry out the amla paste.

  • EGGS

Eggs promote new hair growth and improves texture by leaving hair soft and shiny as it is a rich source of protein, iodine sulfur etc. it adds volume and thicken the hair. It helps in healing split ends, brittle hair and curbs hair breakage. It heals damage by building keratin in the hair due to its protein content. Eggs beaten in a bowl along with some olive oil or rosewater can be applied to the scalp as a hair mask. Egg can also be added to Mehndi/Henna paste and applied, as henna leads helps in coloring the grays and egg makes the hair less dry.


Like Eggs, Yogurt contains Proteins, fatty acids and vitamins which help in strengthening and protecting the hair follicles. Yogurt is also an alternative to eggs for vegetarian people and also to some people who don’t like the smell of eggs. Yogurt also helps in clearing the dead skin cells due to the presence of lactic acid. It also removes frizz from the hair due to its natural moisture content. It helps in unclogging of follicles. Sebum in yogurt balances the PH level in the scalp. Yogurt can be applied by itself on the scalp or can be used with various other ingredients such as Curry leaves, Honey, Banana, Egg, Olive oil, Aloe Vera etc to make a hair mask.

Hot showers should be avoided as it dries the hair and makes it brittle. Hair should be regularly trimmed and checked for split ends. Wet hair should be avoided combing. Always use a wide toothed comb for de-tangling. These simple steps along with the above home remedies help in preventing hair fall.